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We’re partnering up with Commown to help reduce e-waste and encourage a more circular economy.

We’re partnering up with Commown to help reduce e-waste and encourage a more circular economy.
We’re partnering up with Commown to help reduce e-waste and encourage a more circular economy.

At Syllucid, we're driven by our commitment to durability and innovation. That's why we're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Commown, a leader in the rental of durable and eco-friendly electronics. Together, we're tackling electronic waste through the introduction of our USB cables into Commown's rental portfolio.

The environmental impact of electronics

In today's consumer electronics landscape, USB cables often fall short in terms of durability and sustainability. Often very cheaply made versions are shipped together with phones or laptops that have to be replaced very quickly - earning big tech companies additional money. 

Despite being small, their CO2 footprint is massive, and they contain precious metals like gold, and silver. Due to the high amount of metals in cables that consume a lot of energy during their production USB cables emit about as much CO2 as they weigh. This means that a USB cable weighing 45 grams will produce 45 grams of CO2. With millions being sold every month this adds up - making e-waste one of the fastest growing waste streams and making the ICT sector (all electronics) contribute about 1,5% of global emissions. This is projected to rise even more in the future.  


 The Syllucid Charge is now available to rent


The benefits of circular business models to the environment

The key benefits to renting an electronic product over buying one is that the rental company remains responsible for the product. There is an inherent incentive to rent out durable and repairable products and users do not have to give their electronics a new life themselves but leave this to professionals. This helps to avoid that more and more electronics that easily break enter the market and that electronics that still function are given a new life rather than ending in landfill. 

Commown's rental model is a perfect example of such a circular business. Commown is offering the Syllucid Charge, our modular and magnetic cable that can charge any device at an affordable monthly rate. At the end of the rental period, Commown facilitates the return of the cables, allowing for their continued use or recycling. This way users have the opportunity to extend the lifespan of their USB cables, giving them a second, third, and many more lives and contribute to a more circular economy where resources are conserved and waste is minimized and avoid that their USB cables end up as e-waste in drawers or landfills.

On top of that Commown is also offering our durably built Syllucid Origin USB cable range with the rental of any of their many durable devices. So if you’re thinking about renting a Fairphone, Shiftphone or another electronic device that was designed to last you can also rent our cables directly with the device (if you need them).

With this partnership Syllucid and Commown are proving that innovation and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, and we invite you to join us on this journey by renting your next electronic device instead of buying one.

Follow this link directly to rent a Syllucid Charge or get the Syllucid Origin range directly with any subscription for other devices directly from Commown.

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