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7 Must-see documentaries where climate change meets electronics

7 Must-see documentaries where climate change meets electronics
7 Must-see documentaries where climate change meets electronics

Do you want to watch a show about environmental sustainability? Keen to learn more about the relationship between electronics and the climate crisis?

Our appetite for electronic devices is putting pressure on the planet.​​⁠⁠ With nearly 7 billion smartphone users in 2023, there will always be a demand for new technology. It’s crucial that we improve the way we mine metals, use recycled metals and recycle our tech to reduce environmental damage.

When it comes to the field of climate science, documentaries have helped unlock global awareness. Through the power of visual cinematography, rare interviews, and rigorous journalism, we can discover facts and compelling stories revealing the serious issues at the centre of climate change. 

With new scientific research, growing funding in the space of climate tech, and a wave of legal change, we believe in the power of an ethical electronics industry.

The Syllucid team has collectively curated a selection of documentary films, series and episodes that illuminate the climate crisis and the consumer tech supply chain. Here’s our list of seven mind-expanding documentaries.


1. Dirty Money: Dirty Gold - s2e4 (2020)

Behind the huge quantities of gold flowing into the U.S. each year lies a tangled web of money laundering, illegal mining and environmental destruction.

Watch Dirty Gold if you care about a conflict-free future.

By Alex Gibney and Netflix

Watch on Netflix here



2. Utopia Revisited: We make a difference (2018)

The market economy snowballs growing inequality, bringing prosperity to developed markets, disproportionately affecting and exploiting countries more prone to the effects of the climate crisis. 

Watch Utopia Revisited to explore promising projects for people and planet.

By Kurt Langbein.

Watch on Vimeo here



3. When Two Worlds Collide (2016)

Watch the incredible story of an indigenous environmental activist who took on the large businesses that are destroying the Amazon. Directed by Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel.

Watch When Two Worlds Collide if you’re interested in indigenous activism.

By Mathew Orzel and Heidi Brandenburg.

Watch on Apple TV here.



Sustainable Charging Cable



4. Our Planet (2019)

Experience Earth's natural beauty in this incredible series on how climate change impacts all living creatures with the globally loved biologist David Attenborough. 

Watch Our Planet if you’re concerned about the climate crisis.

By WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films.

Watch on Netflix here. 



5. Behind the Screens (2022)

A short doc­u­men­tary exposing the complex industry of the mobile phone - the peo­ple, places and mate­ri­als behind our every­day obses­sion.

Watch Behind the Screens to learn about the life story of your mobile phone.

By WaterBear Network and Fairphone

Watch on WaterBear here.



6. Death by Design (2016)

An investigation into the health and environmental costs of the electronics industry.

Watch Death by Design if you’re interested in the hidden impacts of consumer tech.

By The Tech Movie LLC c/o Ambrica Productions.

Watch the film on demand here.



7. Before the Flood (2016)

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world, documenting the impact of climate change and talking to some of the most intelligent and powerful individuals in the world.

Watch Before the Flood if you’re interested in hearing from climate experts.

By National Geographic.

Watch on National Geographic here.


What did you think? Let us know how you found the documentaries on our social media channels. It’s always great to hear from our climate conscious community.

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