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The long-life charging cable that’s better for the planet

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A better charging cable

It’s time for electronics to respect our home planet. Introducing Origin, the long-life charging cable made with fair and recycled materials for USB-C and lightning-enabled tech.

Responsible sourcing. Recycled materials. Durable design.

Starting with the everyday charging cable, we can make a more positive impact on our world by choosing better electronics.

Durable design details

Charge your devices with confidence.

The longer your electronics work, the better they are for the planet. Our cables are designed to last with woven braiding, vegan-leather strap, bend protectors, thicker conductor wires, reinforced core, gold-plated connectors and the strength for over 10k bends. With a 5-year warranty, you can keep it for a long time, save money and reduce e-waste.

Recycled materials

Using recycled materials saves carbon emissions and the earth's natural resources.

Mass-market charging cables have high carbon emissions. Our circular materials reduce CO₂ pollution by approximately 80% compared to new-material cables. Origin cables are made with 100% certified recycled plastics (PET, nylon, TPE), 100% recycled (carbon neutral) tin solder and certified recycled aluminium. Plus, the materials can be recycled again and again. All Origin cables are made responsibly in a carbon neutral certified factory.

For people and planet

Supports Fairtrade Gold. Regenerates nature.

By buying this cable, you minimise your climate and social impact. Our cables support Fairtrade Gold at a premium because it ensures gold miners have safer work and protect the environment.

Plus 5% of profits from every cable are donated to agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon where it is particularly affected by illegal deforestation for gold mining. Our partner PUR supports cocoa and coffee farmers in Peru.

Electronics need to be fairer to the people in the supply chain and respect the environment. That’s why every Syllucid cable you buy gives back.

Let's make a difference together, towards a world of better tech.

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