• We believe in taking responsibility for making fair and sustainable electronics.

The problem is that the electronics industry is hiding an environmental crisis.

Climate change

Climate change

Producing electronics creates nearly as much CO2 emissions as all the airplanes in the world combined.

Unfair labour

Unfair labour

People working in electronics supply chains are some of the worst paid workers in the world.

Dirty minerals

Dirty minerals

Illegal mining for the minerals used contributes to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

There is a better way forward

It’s time to find a better way to make electronics. But instead of fighting the industry, we’re working with it. By closely collaborating with industry experts, we can access their expertise, identify problems, find solutions and campaign for change. We can’t solve everything at once, so we’re focusing on gradual improvements to make this sector fairer and more sustainable.

Supporting miners with Fairtrade gold

We are integrating Fairtrade Gold into the Syllucid Charge supply chain. Gold is an essential part of a lot of electronic products. By sourcing Fairtrade gold, we’re helping ensure that miners are paid their fair share, giving them a safe place to work and preventing large-scale environmental destruction.

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Revitalising ecosystems

We are investing in an agroforestry project in the Peruvian Amazon. Reforestry helps to heal an ecosystem that is being devastated by gold mining and provides an income to local farmers. This project is working to reverse the destruction caused by gold supply chains and taking a holistic approach to making them fairer and more sustainable.

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Responsibly sourcing minerals

We use conflict-free tin in our products with the help of Fairlötet and Stannol. By using conflict free and CO2 neutral solder wire – we’re making sure that our charger cable doesn’t contribute to conflict or war and has a reduced impact on the planet.

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Recycled metals and plastics

We make our products with recycled copper and aluminium, as well as recycled plastics. These materials are just as high quality as new ones, but they use less energy to produce and help us reduce the need to mine or create virgin materials. And they are easy to recycle, too.

Innovative & high quality products

We design our products to last. That means using high quality durable materials and design practices to ensure they work for as long as possible. This way we use less raw materials, save emissions, and reduce our overall impact. Giving electronics longer life-spans also means that you need to buy less, saving you money.

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