We need a champion for sustainable electronic accessories.

Chargers, earphones, cables - these tiny products are hiding a massive environmental footprint. So, why aren’t there more sustainable options?

Over the years, as a society, we’ve been making progress on improving the conditions and environmental standards in certain industries. But as consumers, our choices are still limited. We can now buy Fairtrade coffee and chocolate, find locally grown produce, or invest in sustainably produced clothing, but for many other products, there isn’t a sustainable option on the market. This is especially true for electronics.

Just like in the food and clothing industry, electronics have the same hidden problems in their supply chains. However, when it comes to clothing and food, we already have a debate about how individual consumer choices and better regulation can have an effect on how we consume and produce these products. For electronics, there is still too little awareness of the impact these products have. As consumers, it’s impossible to behave responsibly, if we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. 

This industry is not going to do it for us – we need to do it.

Unfortunately, this makes it easy for big electronics manufacturers to ignore the problems –  and prioritise profits. Instead of acknowledging the problems we’re facing, large electronic companies consistently lobby against legislation that could help reduce the impact of electronics and have done little to reduce their impact. As a result, sustainable and fair alternatives are hard to find for electronics. 

However, we know that it is possible to create them. Companies like Fairphone, where we have worked in the past, and taken great inspiration from, have already created scalable solutions for the industry, especially for smartphones. They have shown that it is possible to take responsibility – however, the industry trend seems to be going the other way. 

We need to create planet-centric electronics companies

Knowing that it is possible to produce differently, we were frustrated and angry that so many electronics manufacturers have not taken any responsibility.  Especially for accessories, there are very few options available that take the impact they have on our environment and people seriously.

This is why we have decided to create a company to disrupt the industry, that specialises in electronic accessories, and focuses on :

  • empowering people by becoming more aware of their impact.
  • improving electronic supply chains to protect the environment and people. 
  • creating products that are designed to last and to give people the opportunity to choose responsibly. 
  • committing to use our profit to create environmental and social change.

We can’t do this overnight or alone and we’re starting small. We’re currently working on creating an electronic product that everyone needs and which allows us to focus on achieving our mission. A product that is in line with our values and which will make a big difference to the people that make it and our environment.

We need to take the impact of electronics seriously and with your help we can make this happen together.

Let’s do this. Together! 

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