Why Fairtrade Gold?

Gold is an essential part of a lot of electronic products. Unfortunately, the way it is mined is causing environmental destruction and human rights abuses worldwide. Sourcing Fairtrade gold is helping to pay miners a fair share, give them a safe working space and avoid large-scale environmental destruction. Here is what we are doing to integrate it into the supply chain of our cable, the Syllucid Charge.

We decided to buy Fairtrade gold for the Syllucid Charge because of how serious the problems in the gold supply are. Buying Fairtrade Gold is the first step of a series of interventions that we are taking to make the gold supply chain for the Syllucid Charge fair and sustainable. Using Fairtrade gold requires many different parties in the supply chain to work together and it is a great way to support miners.

Gold-mining cooperative San Francisco, part of Cecomsap, Ananea, Puno, Peru. Photo: Eduardo Martino – Copyright Fairtrade

The benefits of using Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade gold is a great way to support gold miners as it pays a Fairtrade Premium to workers in the mine. This supports them with a decent income. Fairtrade also has strict no child labour policies and standards on the health and safety of miners. Fairtrade also makes sure that mines do not destroy the environment. Especially in South America artisanal gold mines often destroy the rainforest. This is why on top of buying Fairtrade gold we are also working with a reforestation project in the Amazon to reforest an ecosystem that is being damaged by gold mining.

This is how we are going to support miners with Fairtrade Gold

In the last months, we have not only created a prototype for our product but also a prototype for our supply chain. Part of this is a plan for how we can integrate Fairtrade gold into the supply chain of the Syllucid Charge.

To support miners we will purchase enough Fairtrade gold to make all of our cables and pay miners the Fairtrade Premium. This way we can support miners right from the start and every cable we sell will contribute to this. We are already officially a partner of Fairtrade and can buy Fairtrade gold from certified sources.
To integrate Fairtrade gold into the supply chain of the SyllucidCharge we are going to use something that is called the Fairtrade mass-balance sourcing model. If we succeed in doing this, there will be the same amount of Fairtrade gold in our supply chain as we are using in our product. This process gives miners the same benefits and positive impact as all other Fairtrade products.

Changing a global supply chain takes time

We will regularly update you on our progress! Using this method takes time but it makes sure that we know where the gold for our cable is coming from and how the people in the mine are treated.

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