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Long life design  -  Supports Fairtrade Gold  -  Recycled materials  -  Reduced emissions


Design for a fair, sustainable future

Long life design -  Quality  -  Reliable  -  Recycled  -  Tech for good  -  Less e-waste  -  Sustainable materials - Responsibly sourced

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Making electronics fair and better for the planet

Design is for change

Consumer tech’s complex global supply chains are
full of hidden problems. That’s why we are going off
the beaten track to design more fair, sustainable and
quality electronics to shape a better tomorrow - for
people and planet.


Fairtrade Gold

We believe in fair pay and safe working conditions. All Syllucid cables support Fairtrade Gold, sourced exclusively from small-scale mines that meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard — an internationally recognised best practice indicator for workers’ rights and environmental protection.


Partnering For Impact

To make electronics less harmful to planet and people we need the entire industry to produce differently. Syllucid is partnering with likeminded industry peers for CO2 neutral manufacturing and positive systemic change.


Customer reviews

I try to be more environmentally conscious about my consumption so knowing where and how the products I choose are made is very important to me. I also love knowing that I have everything I need with just the one cable.

It's nice that I can always charge any of my devices, even those of my friends! But the best part is that I have a sustainable story to tell every time someone asks me about the cable.

My Syllucid Charge is super practical when traveling - charges all the devices I usually take with me.I just need one cable for my Phone, wireless earphones and loudspeaker. Love that it is sustainable.

Syllucid is an excellent example of a sustainable future for the electronics industry without sacrificing quality and features. I love the quality and design of the cable and adapters. It's very durable, has a slick design (even a LED charging indicator light), and having to need just one cable to charge all my devices has been great, especially while traveling using the carry case. I highly recommend it!

We’re partnering up with Commown to help reduce e-waste and encourage a more circular economy.

At Syllucid, we're driven by our commitment to durability and innovation. That's why we're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Commown, a leader in the rental of durable and eco-friendly...
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We’re partnering up with Commown to help reduce e-waste and encourage a more circular economy.
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