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We are integrating Fairtrade Gold into the Syllucid Charge supply chain, through the Fairtrade Goldsmith scheme. Fairtrade Gold means miners can build a secure future for themselves, their families and communities, as well as protect their local environment.

Syllucid Reforestry -


We are investing in an agroforestry project in the Peruvian Amazon. Re-forestry helps to heal an ecosystem that is being devastated by gold mining and provides an income to local farmers. This project is working to reverse the destruction caused by gold supply chains and taking a holistic approach to making them fairer and more sustainable.

Syllucid Conflict Free -

Responsible Minerals

By using conflict-free and CO2 neutral solder wire, we’re making sure that our charger cables don't contribute to war and have a reduced impact on the planet.

Syllucid Recycled -


We make our products with recycled minerals and materials. These materials are just as high quality as new ones, but they use less energy than mining virgin minerals.  And they are easy to recycle, too.

Designs that last

We design our products to last. That means using high quality, durable materials and design practices to ensure they work for as long as possible. This way we use less raw materials, save emissions, and reduce our overall impact.