Fairtrade Gold

About Fairtrade Gold

We are part of the Fairtrade Goldsmith Scheme, and buy Fairtrade Gold from certified sources. We chose Fairtrade Gold for the Syllucid Charge supply chain because of the serious problems in gold supply chains. Buying Fairtrade Gold is the first step of a series of interventions that we are taking to make a fairer and more sustainable supply chain.

The Benefits

Fairtrade Gold is a great way to support gold miners as it pays a Fairtrade Premium to workers in the mine. This enables miners to invest in projects that can benefit their families and communities and which can support their livelihoods – for example through investing in infrastructure and tools to improve productivity.

In addition to strict standards protecting human rights, Fairtrade Standards also cover environmental protection. In South America in particular, artisanal and large-scale gold mines often destroy the rainforest. This is why on top of buying Fairtrade Gold we are also working with a reforestation project in the Amazon to reforest an ecosystem that is being damaged by gold mining.

Supporting Miners

To support miners we will purchase enough Fairtrade Gold to make all of our cables and pay miners the Fairtrade Premium. This way we can support miners right from the start and every cable we sell will contribute to this.

To integrate Fairtrade Gold into the supply chain of the Syllucid Charge we are going to use mass balance – this means that the amount of Fairtrade Gold we purchase will be equivalent to the amount of gold used in our products. This process means miners can get the same benefits and positive impact as with other Fairtrade products.