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  • USB A to C adapter - Syllucid
  • USB A to C adapter - Syllucid
  • USB A to C adapter - Syllucid
  • USB A to C adapter - Syllucid
  • USB A to C adapter

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    Product Description:

    Our USB A to C adapter makes charging all your devices even easier. Older chargers use USB A sockets and with this simple adapter you can continue to use your charges with the Syllucid.

    Great with a Syllucid Charge Cable to charge all your different devices. Works with most cables.

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    • USB A to C Adapter


    • High Speed USB data (USB 2.0)

    Fairtrade Gold

    We believe in fair pay and safe working conditions. The Syllucid Charge supports Fairtrade Gold, from Peru. Fairtrade Gold is sourced exclusively from small-scale mines that meet the Fairtrade Gold Standard — an internationally recognised best-practice indicator for workers’ rights and environmental protection.

    Recycled materials

    The Syllucid Charge uses recycled copper, aluminium and nylon. The Syllucid Charge’s durable nylon braiding is 100% recycled, giving discarded plastics a new purpose and adding strength and durability.

    Responsibly sourced tin

    The Syllucid Charge is made using carbon neutral and conflict-free tin solder.


    5% of the profits of every purchase of the Syllucid Charge support the agroforestry project, Jubilacion Segura, in the Peruvian Amazon. This project is a start to stop the destruction in gold supply chains and make them holistically fairer and more sustainable.