Designs that last

Longer Lifespans

Knowing the impact that electronic products have on the environment makes it even more important to use them as long as possible. Using products longer means that we’re not needing to use new materials to manufacture new products. That saves resources and emissions and in the long run it costs less. Durable design is a win for everyone.

That’s why we focus our design on performance, high quality materials and robustness. This means product design that already anticipates that our products are going to be used for a long time and meet high technical and material requirements.

Our USB cables are made with braided nylon and extended bend protectors for increased durability and our connectors are 18k gold plated. We also set high targets for the amount of times each adapter for the Syllucid Charge can be used - with 10k connections per adapter we estimate a lifespan that will exceed the warranty and last significantly longer than a standard USB cable.

Carefully Made To Be Mindfully Used

Our design interventions will prolong the lifespan of your products and their modular designs makes it easy to keep using them. We want to encourage anyone to be mindful of the impact of their electronics and take good care of them - that also, will increase the lifespan of your product.

New ones are cheap, but knowing their impact, it’s very much worth using them with care, for as long as you can.