Responsibly sourced tin

Where Our Tin Comes From

In cooperation with the research group Fairlötet, Stannol has developed the first fair, CO2-neutral solder wire made with responsible, conflict-free tin from a recycled source. Solder is used in electronics to connect parts together and is, therefore, a really important component. Like most electronics, USB cables use a lot of solder. In addition, the solder wire made by Stannol is manufactured in Germany under responsible working conditions. Thanks to the cooperation with Stannol and Fairlötet, we are able to export the solder wire to our factory and use it to produce our cables.

Reduced Impact

Like other metals known as conflict minerals, tin ore has been used by illegitimate military groups to finance their operations. For example, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), rebel groups have been known to take control of mines, forcing people to work under dire conditions.

The trade with these minerals is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, which is why they can provide a valuable source of income to rebel militia groups. The minerals can go on to be used in electronic products such as laptops, e-readers, and mobile phones, and USB cables. This is why being able to trace tin and sourcing it responsibly is so important. By using conflict-free tin (and other responsibly sourced materials) in our products, we are able to reduce their environmental impact, support miners with an income, and make sure that their trade does not support armed conflict.